Statement on postponement of debate - 30 November 2017

The Chair of the APPG on Fair Business Banking, Clive Lewis MP, took the decision today to pull our main chamber debate earlier today. Due to the last-minute tabling of the very worthy debate on the ongoing issues in Yemen, the time left available for our debate would not have been sufficient to do justice to our very important cause.



Via a Point of Order he raised with the Deputy Speaker concern the debate on RBS GRG would be given little more than thirty minutes, insufficient time given this is an extremely pressing issue. As such he requested the speaker approach the Chair of the Back-Bench Committee and the Leader of the House to ensure sufficient time was allocated in the near future.


Both the chair of the Back-Bench Committee and the Speaker acknowledged this and said the issue would be prioritised in the coming weeks.


Clive Lewis MP, APPG Co-Chair, said: “This was a very difficult decision to make but one everyone involved agreed was the right decision. Although disappointing it now means this critical debate will be prioritised and given the time it so very deserves. It also gives the APPG more time to mobilise more of those affected by the GRG to contact their MPS and ensure this debate genuinely holds this government, RBS and the financial sector to account.”


Kevin Hollinrake MP, APPG Vice-Chair, said: “It’s tremendously disappointing for all individuals who travelled to watch this debate today to finally have their voices heard in parliament. However, it is crucially important that there is ample time to debate this important issue. The debate will take place in January. The minister responsible has today agreed to meet with APPG officers about our proposal for an independent financial services tribunal.”


Norman Lamb MP, APPG Vice-Chair, said: “This is incredibly frustrating for all those who travelled to Westminster for the debate. Ultimately it was the right decision to pull it. The vital priority is for this scandal to be fully debated in parliament and for urgent progress to be made in terms of establishing a tribunal system to protect SME owners in the future against the sort of treatment that has caused so much damage to businesses and to people’s lives. It is also essential in my view that those responsible for the destruction of viable businesses be held to account.”


  1. Whilst I really do appreciate your efforts I feel that you and us have been hoodwinked. A if you look at the playback the various speakers reiterated and reiterated the same stuff as they were running out of questions to ask. I believe that if you do some questioning of your own you will find that there was a conspiracy to derail this subject as the government believe it is too hot a potato. It will affect the share price and therefore derail their timetable. Being currently involved in suing RBS this is the strategy by which they play. Put it off again and again to wear you down and use up your resources. Play the game against you because their resources are enormous. What other public body would be spending the amount that they do on litigation and it not to be questioned?
    As regards getting my local MP to get involved is a real joke – Nadine ( I’ll take 4 weeks off to appear in the jungle and get paid 200k to do it while I should be sorting out constituency stuff) Dories said she would try to get to parliament but didn’t , what a surprise. She even sent me a letter with the usual Tory line of existing methods of RBS recompense. RBS refunded me £46000.00 in fees but did not give me the money but set it against money they say I owe them so no money left their coffers at all!! A complete joke.
    If you ever get this to be debated you must turn your attention to the cost of bringing a law suit of any substance. If you have had every penny stolen from you you have no redress. It is that simple. This is what drives people to revolution. I believe that justice like healthcare and education should be free and underlines a fair society. It prevents the haves from depriving the have nots. If there is fair and objective redress it will prevent misdeeds in the future.
    Don’t forget to do a bit of digging in your own backyard to see if I am right about the burying of this motion. It was the subject in a bbc documentary on parliamentary processes a few years ago. Obviously it still works.
    Ken Mayo

  2. Very sorry to hear the issue did not get debated, as people like myself who have been robbed by Lloyds, and who lied to the Ombudsman Service, now 42 days have expired will not and cannot change their verdict for the bank, despite the fact the bank committed Criminal Acts, the bank still plays on the fact the FOS found for them, despite the fact Lloyds stole our home and broke our marriage, admitted it and still will not obey the FCA who fined them £167 million and ordered they remediate me, the Supreme Court Ruled on banks three times and Lloyds still defy them as well. Horta-Osorio and Lord Blackwell are complicit in Criminal Acts and their Ian Jones lied to my MP about their fake solicitors Sechiari, Clark and Mitchell allegedly having paid my PPI premiums when they do not even exist despite Horta-Osorio having lied to the Treasury Select Committee on 16 July 2014, Allan Tyrie MP Chairing elicited full confession about their non existence and only for deception purposes, why would Black Horse even have headed paper in the name of a non existent solicitors firm, they are Liars, Cheats and Thieves who destroyed my life once I was legally time barred from defending their actions, the only way people like me who have been cheated and are victims of banking crime, and have the proof of this is by these Tribunals being set up as a matter of extreme urgency.

    Dave Brotherston (victim of Black Horse Finance illegal standard practice testified to by Eric Daniels for mer CEO of Lloyds Banking Group to the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards on 14 February 2013)

  3. This is not just an issue with RBS and GRG, our Company has been involved with HSBC Bank until it had to close at the end of September, the issues involving RBS are same issues that have affected us which have caused the family great personal loss through the bank’s managers committing criminal offences which both the Police and FCA have failed to deal with.

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