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Financial Services Tribunal and Dispute Resolution


Greg Wright: Regulators need to display a dash of steel to bring rogue bankers to justice – The Yorkshire Post 16th October 2019

Storm clouds gather over Business Banking Resolution Service – The Times 14th October 2019

Kevin Hollinrake MP: My Yorkshire straight-talking approach is what the Treasury Select Committee needs – Politics Home, 7th August 2019

Hunters chairman Kevin Hollinrake reveals how firm was brought to its knees by toxic bank loan – Property Industry Eye, 5th August 2019

Kevin Hollinrake on his bid to become the Treasury Select Committee’s new chief – This is Money, 3rd August 2019

New Business Banking Resolution group must give meaningful redress, says Kevin Hollinrake MP – The Yorkshire Post,  26th July 2019

Court told of Treasury’s ‘pervasive’ impact on controversial RBS unit GRG – CityAM, 8th July 2019

Kevin Hollinrake speaking about the Bank forging signatures campaign – Victoria Derbyshire,  5th July 2019

Kevin Hollinrake accuses Treasury officials of ‘coordinated skullduggery’ over conflict-of-interest claims – CityAM, 25th June 2019

Kevin Hollinrake attacks banks over ‘dirty tricks’ – The Times, 20 June 2019

Do British SMEs Finally Have Justice In Their Sights? – Forbes, 28 May 2019

Greg Wright: Why the new Prime Minister must create financial services tribunal and suspend the loan charge – Yorkshire Post, 28 May 2019

Bank Mistreatment of SMBs Goes to UK Supreme Court – PYMNTS, 14 May 2019

SMEs deserve fairer banking – The Yorkshire Post says – Yorkshire Post, 11 May 2019

MPs push for law change to give shareholders and business owners more power to sue – City AM, 8 May 2019

Big banks ready to extend disputes scheme – The Times, 3 April 2019

Small firms can afford to be optimistic about banks’ dispute schemes – The Times, 3 April 2019

Small comfort for SMEs – Law Society Gazette, 18 March 2019

Companies should be allowed to choose how best to deliver justice – The Times, 11 March 2019

Victims ‘won’t trust’ bank redress scheme for small companies – The Times, 8 March 2019

There is wide support for a financial services tribunal, so act now – The Times, 18 February 2019

Challenger bank Tide backs calls for SME tribunal – Independent Ireland, 10 February

Firms need more protections against banks, argues MP – The Telegraph, 2 February 2019

Small firms face winding road to justice – Yorkshire Post, 1 February 2019

Waiting times at Financial Ombudsman Service ‘rise tenfold’ – The Times 23 January 2019 

Its time small firms got justice from the banks – The Times, 23 January 2019

UK finance minister backs calls for tougher banks disputes scheme – Reuters, 22 January 2019 

Hammond backs calls for tougher banks disputes scheme – The Times, 22 January 2019 

Financial Ombudsman’s backlog worse since revamp – Financial Times, 22 January 2019

Government lacks understanding of challenges facing SMEs in dispute with banks, says MPs – Yorkshire Post , 13 January 2019 

Small firms lose battle for a tribunal – The Times, 11 January 2019 

Treasury rejects calls to reform UK laws on business loans – Financial Times, 11 January 2019 

British banks’ new disputes service too limited, MPs say – Reuters, 11 January 2019

Mouchel Shareholder Group backs plans for a Financial Services Tribunal – The Yorkshire Post, 10 December 2018

Financial Ombudsman Service in eye of new storm – The Times, 3 December 2018 

UK banks push on with dispute system for wronged firms after scandals – Reuters, 30 November 2018 

UKs new SME Scheme gets disputed – Banking Tech, 30 November 2018 

MPs call tribunal to bring ‘misbehaving banks to justice’- The Guardian, 20 November 2018

Fair banking plans ‘will not help firms’ – The Times, 19 November 2018 

Fair banking plans ‘will not help firms’ – The Times, 19 November 2018 

Bank Bosses are urged to support ‘truth and reconciliation’ inquiry for misconduct victims – Yorkshire Post, 15 November 2018

Small firms’ calls for disputes tribunal set to fall on deaf ears – The Times, 12 November 2018 

Chancellor wont back tribunal bid – This is Money, 11 November 2018

End the scandal of ‘too big to sue banks’ – Financial Times, 11 November 2018 

A tribunal system to protect small businesses from banks cannot come soon enough – The Times, 31 October 2018 

MPs slam ‘regulatory black hole’ for bank lending to small businesses – Financial Times, 26 October 2018 

New tribunal and rules needed to protect small firms – UK MPs – Reuters, 26 October 2018 

MPs call for new tribunal system to help SMEs take on big banks – City AM, 26 October 2018 

Call to help small businesses challenge ‘Goliath’ banks – Financial Times, 23 October 2018 

Report rejects MPs calls for UK financial complaints tribunal – Reuters, 23 October 2018 

Tribunals ‘not the answer’ to solving disputes with banks – The Times, 23 October 2018

Crunch time as small firms mistreated by their banks seek justice – This is Money, 20 October 2018 

City watchdog rolls out ombudsman service to small businesses – City AM, 16 October 2018

SME advocates say new ombudsman powers will not bring banks to justice – The Daily Mail, 16 October 2018 

Ombudsman to rule on more company finance fights – The Times, 16 October 2018 

More British firms get access to financial arbitration services against banks – Reuters, 16 October 2018

TSB backs calls for small business banking tribunal- This is Money, 14 October 2018 

Consumers need better protection from the law – Prospect, 14 October 2018 

FCA supports launch of a Financial Services Tribunal – Financial Reporter, 29 September 2018

Kevin Hollinrake: Banks victims deserve nothing less than justice 10 years after the financial crisis – The Yorkshire Post, 16 September 2018 

Small companies need a tribunal to take on the banks – The Times, 17 July 2018

Dyson backs parliamentary group’s plea for new financial services court – The Law Gazette, 12 July 2018

MPs call for banks to pay for new tribunal system to settle disputes for small businesses – City AM, 12 July 2018

Small firms wronged by banks need tribunal process, say MPs – Daily Telegraph, 12 July 2018

Scots’ SMEs turn to crowd funding after ‘systemic’ bank failures – The Scotsman, 11 July 2018

Bankrupted customers of ‘007 bank’ Dunbar call for new tribunal – Daily Mail, 21 April 2018

More small companies need chance of redress – The Times, 17 April 2018

MPs call for tougher action to protect small firms from bullying banks – The Yorkshire Post, 13 April 2018

Small firms who have been bullied by the banks could have affordable route to justice – The Yorkshire Post, 27 March 2018

Ombudsman must clean up act before expanding reach – The Times, 26 March 2018

Scandals force door ajar at financial ombudsman – The Times, 23 Jan 2018

RBS chief backs our campaign. ‘No excuses. There are things we just did not get right. I apologise’ – Mail on Sunday, 21 Jan 2018

MPs call for lawyer-free forum for financial disputes – The Law Gazette, 19 January 2018

Hopes of a breakthrough in small companies’ bank abuse campaign – Financial Mail on Sunday, 13 Jan 2018

Small businesses need a proper tribunal for disputes with their banks, says MP – Mail on Sunday, 13 Jan 2018

The unequal battle between banks and small companies – The Times, 4 Dec 2017

JUSTICE FOR OUR FIRMS: Now City regulator plans shake-up to help entrepreneurs – Mail on Sunday, 5 Nov 2017

Restoring confidence in bank loans to SMEs – Financial Times, 4 Nov 2017

MPs call for ‘robust’ system to deter banking misconduct – Yorkshire Post, 1 Nov 2017

There are still unanswered questions a decade after banks took us to the brink – Yorkshire Post, 31 Oct 2017

Market ‘must learn lessons of RBS scandal’ – The Times, 25 Oct 2017

Britain’s top entrepreneurs back our campaign for an official ombudsman to help small firms battling big banks – Mail on Sunday, 22 Oct 2017

Why we need a skilled ombudsman to tackle injustices faced by small businesses from banks – Mail on Sunday, 22 Oct 2017

Top regulator demands justice for small firms: FCA chief says company owners have nowhere to turn – Mail on Sunday, 18 Sept 2017

Bring entrepreneurs in from the cold – Mail on Sunday, 18 Sept 2017

Fraud trial puts mis-selling and the banks back into the spotlight – The Times, 6 February 2017 

Pressure grows for referee to mediate after banking scandals – The Times, 30 January 2017

Banks face fresh inquiry into how they manage rows with businesses – Daily Mail, 28 January 2017

MPs slam inadequate compensation scheme for small firms who have been mistreated by banks – The Yorkshire Post, 25 January 2017


Covid-19 and the Government Support Schemes

Hundreds of thousands of small businesses blocked from coronavirus loans as banks close doors to new customers – The Sun – 25/07/20

Thousands of small firms blocked from Covid loans as banks close doors to new customers – The Telegraph – 25/07/20

Exclusive: MPs ask banks for clarity on state aid rules and coronavirus loans – CITYAM – 22/07/20

Businesses risk going bust due to bounce back loan restrictions – Peer2Peer Finance News – 16/07/20

3 million UK jobs at risk from £35bn of unsustainable COVID-19 debt – Yahoo News – 16/07/20

Tens of thousands of UK firms are at risk of going bust, say MPs – The Yorkshire Post – 16/07/20

Sunak faces MPs over economic impact of Covid-19 – The Telegraph- 15/07/20

Malton MP praises Government scheme as measures protect 11,800 jobs – The Scarborough –  15-06-20

UK banks approve £35bn in state-backed loans amid heavy demand – The Guardian – 10/06/20

MPs Call For Full Payment Holidays For UK Cos. – Law 360 – 09/06/20

£36bn of government-backed loans will be toxic, taskforce warns – The Guardian – 08/06/20

Small print of Government’s £617m ‘top-up’ grant fund proves a cruel letdown – The Yorkshire Post – 04/05/2020

Interest on UK coronavirus bounce-back loans to be capped at 2.5% – The Guardian – 02/05/20

British Business Bank faces pressure for reform over stumbling loan schemes – The Telegraph -09/05/20

Interest on UK coronavirus bounce-back loans to be capped at 2.5% – The Guardian – 02/05/20

Lloyds Bank comes under fire for its ‘disappointing’ efforts to help small businesses through coronavirus crisis – This is Money – 28/04/20

FCA launches probe as lenders are accused of cashing in on Covid-19 by fee-gouging to exploit desperate firms – This is Money – 28/04/20

Rishi Sunak eyes offering 100% guaranteed loans and overdrafts for microbusinesses – Small – 25/04/20

New pressure from Tory MPs to point way out of lockdown – Evening Standard – 23/04/20

Big banks refusing to disclose how they are helping firms in Covid-19 pandemic – This is Money – 22/04/20

Banks urged to ramp up lending as just 12,000 small firms get crucial loans to survive the coronavirus crisis – This is Money – 20/04/20

Big banks join forces with fintech rivals for lifeline loans – The Telegraph – 15/04/20

British Business Bank approves four new lenders for CBILS – but no P2P! – Peer2Peer Finance News – 14/04/20

60% of Businesses Uncertain They’ll Survive the Coronavirus Crisis – Money Experts – 12/04/20

RBS pays out 70 per cent of government coronavirus loans – City AM – 12/04/20

Four new banks join emergency coronavirus loan scheme for small businesses – Business Matters -11/04/20

Former business secretary Greg Clark leads calls for overhaul of coronavirus loan scheme – City AM – 08/04/20

I’m in the middle of applying for a mortgage but my employer has put me on furlough – will this affect my application? – This Is Money – 07/04/20

Chancellor makes improvements to coronavirus business loan scheme – London Loves Business – 03/04/20

Banks pushed to waive personal guarantees for SME coronavirus loans – The Finance Times – 31/03/20

Banks under fire for coronavirus loan tactics – BBC News – 30/03/20

Pressure growing on UK’s largest banks to cut bosses’ bonuses and shareholder payouts to preserve cash in face of growing coronavirus crisis – This is Money – 30/04/20

Firms are being denied lifeline loans by ‘cynical’ banks: Business owners applying for special coronavirus help are being offered more expensive standard loans instead – The Daily Mail –  30/03/20

Banks criticized for coronavirus loan model – The Parliamentary Review – 29/03/20

Small business owners asked to put homes on the line to get emergency coronavirus loans – The Telegraph – 29/03/20

There’s a big catch in the government’s plan to help businesses through coronavirus – The Canary – 26/03/20

‘Outrageous’ banks put risk on struggling business owners for government-backed coronavirus loans – The Morning Star – 26/03/20

Rishi Sunak orders banks to help firms amid claims they are ‘profiteering’ from coronavirus crisis – Politics Home – 26/03/20

The ‘short, sharp shock’ is our best hope of halting the coronavirus pandemic – The Yorkshire Post – 25/03/20

TSB unveils support for SME suppliers and customers during coronavirus outbreak – The Paypers – 24/03/20

Filey MP defends tweet saying he will use Government’s emergency coronavirus loans for his estate agency firm – The Scarborough News – 23/03/20

UK Chancellor Preparing Wage Subsidy Bill To Protect British Workers Hurt By Coronavirus Pandemic – Infosurhoy – 23/03/20

Coronavirus and why Parliament must stay open to scrutinise – The Yorkshire Post – 21/03/20

UK Chancellor Preparing Wage Subsidy Bill To Protect British Workers Hurt By Coronavirus Pandemic – International Business Times – 20/03/20

Coronavirus: UK urged to pay for workers’ wages – BBC News – 19/03/20

CORONAVIRUS: MP backs Prime Minister’s move – Gazette & Herald – 18/03/20

Coronavirus weighs on banks as interest rates slashed – The Telegraph – 11/03/20

Banks offer emergency measures for coronavirus victims – The Telegraph – 10/03/20



The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


FCA under fire for handling of Wirecard’s collapse in the UK – Financial News – 06/07/20

MPs hit out at City watchdog over pace of loans scheme – The Telegraph – 24/04/20

Banks in talks with FCA over credit card payment deferrals – The Finance Times – 30/04/20

MPs urge govt to extend FCA powers – Finance Times Adviser – 19/03/20

Why is the regulator protecting RBS – instigator of the greatest banking scandal in Britain’s history – Conservative Home, 10 September 2018 

MPs hit out at watchdog over inaction on RBS banking scandals – The National, 14 August 2018 

FCA slammed for not punishing RBS over treatment of small businesses – Financial News, 14 August 2018 

Parliamentary group considers enhancing FCA powers after RBS GRG scandal – Financial Reporter, 13 August 2018

Investigate RBS small business scandal says MP Kevin Hollinrake – The Times, 12 August 2018

Lawmakers disappoint over regulators inaction on RBS – Reuters, 12 August 2018 

The city’s Lilliputian watchdog has made a mockery of itself in RBS scandal – The Times, 5 August 2018 

Regulator ducks further action on GRG scandal – Big Issue, 3 August 2018 

Greg Wright: lets create a new regulatory regime to ensure nobody is untouchable, Yorkshire Post, 1 August 2018 

Change the Law after GRG scandal, demand MPs – The Times, 1 August 2018 

City watchdog criticised for not sanctioning untouchable RBS bosses – The Telegraph, 31 July 2018

Inadequacy of regulatory regime must not create untouchables says Yorkshire MP Kevin Hollinrake – Yorkshire Post, 31 July 2018 

Our Co-Chair, Kevin Hollinrake MP, on Channel 4 News, 31 July 2018 

City watchdog to take no action over RBS mistreatment of customers – The Guardian, 31 July 2018 

Victims of bank fraud criticise Britain’s financial watchdog – Reuters, 9 May 2018

MPs say Financial Conduct Authority must stand aside for next look at RBS Global Restructuring Group – The Times, 15 April 2018

MPs defy regulator to publish full Financial Conduct Authority report into RBS – The Times, 14 February 2018

City watchdog risks ‘losing public confidence’ over handling of RBS – Evening Standard, 14 February 2018

We need a regulator with teeth who is willing to bite, says MP – The Yorkshire Post, 12 February 2018

Full report into RBS GRG must be published as soon as possible, say MPs – The Yorkshire Post, 7 February 2018

Former Government adviser welcomes decision to publish full report into RBS unit – The Yorkshire Post, 31 January 2018


RBS/RBS GRG & Compensation Scheme

Andrew Bailey: New Bank of England governor faces court claim over RBS scandal – The Independent- 14/03/20

Public inquiry call into controversial RBS business unit – The National, 10th July 2019 

City watchdog has sold us a pup with toothless RBS probe – The Times, 16 June 2019 

Tough regulator needed for banking failures – The Yorkshire Post says – The Yorkshire Post, 15 June 2019 

Treasury accused of pressuring RBS to ‘flog’ small businesses – The Times, 14 June 2019 

Watchdog ‘failed’ in mission to scrutinise RBS scandal – The Times, 14 June 2019 

Pointless FCA report is an insult to small business victims – The Times, 14 June 2019 

RBS report branded ‘whitewash’ by MPs – BBC News, 13 June 2019 

Whitewash over the firms wrecked by RBS: Regulator is powerless to punish bank over scandal at tainted GRG division – This is Money, 13 June 2019 

FCA report into RBS called a ‘complete whitewash’ by critics – The Guardian, 13 June 2019 

MPs brand watchdog’s RBS GRG report a ‘complete whitewash’ – City AM, 13 June 2019 

RBS GRG scandal: The baggage that could drag down Andrew Bailey’s quest to lead the Bank of England – City AM, 2 June 2019

City regulator under pressure over Royal Bank of Scotland’s small-business lending scandal – The Times, 13 May 2019

City watchdog accused of using legal red tape to delay report into RBS GRG unit – City AM, 11 April 2019

RBS chases payment from ‘victims’ of mis‑sold loans – The Times, 1 April 2019

Ex-boss of RBS restructuring unit criticised over new role – The Telegraph, 31 March 2019

RBS braces for a brutal report around claims it wrecked companies to steal their assets – This is Money, 10 March 2019

Nicky Morgan ducks investigation into Treasury role in RBS GRG unit – City AM, 10 March 2019

Treasury agrees to public key agreement with RBS in wake of GRG allegations – City AM, 3 February 2019

City watchdog under fire for delaying report into RBS’s GRG unit – City AM, 28 February 2019

Government agency set bonus targets for senior RBS GRG bankers – City AM, 20 February 2019

Bonuses at scandal-hit GRG were linked to Treasury targets – The Times, 20 February 2019

Did government agency help push firms to wall? – The Times, 16 February 2019

Sir Vince Cable calls for probe into Treasury role in RBS GRG unit – City AM, 13 February 2019

Pressure mounts on Treasury to publish legal documents on relationship with RBS GRG unit – City AM, 12 February 2019

High Court to examine allegations of Treasury involvement in scandal-hit RBS GRG unit – City AM, 10 February 2019

Financial Conduct Authority plunged into centre of scandal of Royal Bank of Scotland’s treatment of small firms – Mail on Sunday, 3 February 2019

Treasury under fire following allegations it had ‘influence’ over RBS GRG unit – City AM, 31 January 2019

Treasury had ‘control over RBS division’ – The Times, 30 January 2019 

Treasury agency had role in controversial RBS unit GRG – BBC News, 30 January 2019 

Government linked to RBS GRG scandal in court papers – Financial Reporter, 30 January 2019 

Treasury knew about controversial RBS unit that closed down firms, court told – Insider, 30 January 2019 

MPs are urged to recall RBS boss ‘over deceit’ – The Times, 15 September 2018 

Fred the Shred in line for a £17m pension: Bumper retirement pot for man who took RBS to brink of collapse – This is Money, 14 September 2018 

RBS boss in bribe inquiry given payoff – The Times, 29 August 2018

MPs say ‘toxic culture’ exists at RBS after it pays £3.9bn fine for mis-selling mortgages – The Sunday Times, 19 August 2018

RBS censured by MPs for winding down compensation process – The Times, 23 July 2018

RBS may want closure but it should not slam door on small businesses – The Times, 22 July 2018

RBS draws fire with plans to close complaints process for controversial GRG unit – Daily Telegraph, 20 July 2018

Several MPs throw their weight behind calls for probe into group set up to sue RBS – Daily Mail, 19 May 2018

MPs urge Financial Conduct Authority to get tough with RBS over small business compensation – The Times, 26 February 2018

RBS executives ‘misled’ Treasury Committee – BBC, 6 February 2018

RBS misled MPs in customer mistreatment scandal, Labour claims – The Guardian, 6 February 2018

How the banks perpetrated the greatest robbery in British history – The National, 22 Jan 2018

RBS accused of ‘largest theft anywhere, ever’ by Labour MP Clive Lewis – The Huffington Post, 18 January 2018

MPs demand action over treatment of customers by RBS – BBC Radio 4, 19 Jan 2018

‘An extraordinary scandal’ – Norfolk MPs lead charge against way RBS treated small businesses – North Norfolk News, 19 Jan 2018

British lawmaker points to Santander UK chief in scandal over RBS restructuring unit – Reuters, 18 Jan 2018

Businesses ‘were carved up like a Sunday roast’, MPs are told – Yorkshire Post, 18 Jan 2018

Santander boss named in RBS scandal – BBC News, 18 Jan 2018

RBS treatment of small firms ‘could be largest theft ever’ – STV News, 18 Jan 2018

Royal Bank Of Scotland Accused Of ‘Largest Theft Anywhere, Ever’ By Labour MP Clive Lewis – Huffington Post, 18 Jan 2018

Parliament to debate RBS ‘hang themselves’ comment – The Guardian, 17 Jan 2018

Watchdog kept RBS scandal report secret for fear bosses would sue – The Times, 5 Dec 2017

RBS Global Restructuring Group targeted ‘basket case’ companies – The Times, 7 Nov 2017

Our VC, Norman Lamb on RBS GRG – BBC News at Ten, 20 Oct 2017

Police conduct inquiries into Royal Bank of Scotland unit – BBC News, 20 Oct 2017

MPs slam RBS chief for ‘extraordinary outburst’ against business owners – Board Agenda, 17 Oct 2017

Warning issued over scope of RBS redress scheme – Herald Scotland, 17 Oct 2017

‘Sue us’ remark provokes broadside at RBS boss – The Times, 16 Oct 2017

Cruellest bank scandal of them all: Stories of horrifying human suffering behind family firms that were deliberately driven to the wall by corrupt financiers – Mail on Sunday, 14 Oct 2017

MPs put pressure on FCA over leaked RBS report – BBC News, 13 Oct 2017

‘Disgraceful’ lack of progress by RBS over GRG group restructuring scandal – The Times, 31 July 2017


HBOS Reading Fraud/Compensation Scheme & Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds fraud victims accuse the bank of clamming up – The Times – 10/08/20

Lloyds HBOS Fraud Scandal: The Accusations Against HSF Explained – – 23/07/20

Herbert Smith unethical or incompetent during bank scandal review, MPs claim – The Law Society Gazette –  15/07/20

MPs call on SRA to investigate City firm over bank scandal- Legal Futures – 15/07/20

Law firm was ‘unethical’ in its bank fraud advice, say MPs – The Guardian- 12/07/20

UK MPs File SRA Complaint Against HSF Over Role in HBOS Fraud Scandal – – 06/07/20

Serious Fraud Office probes Lloyds Bank property claims – The Telegraph – 07/03/20

Westminster Hall Debate – Lloyds, HBOS and The Cranston Review – 04/02/20

Lloyds to write off debts worth tens of millions linked to HBOS fraud – Sky News – 23/01/20

Lloyds faces court over ‘evasion’ of rules – The Times – 22/01/20

Lloyds chief António Horta-Osório’s pledge to HBOS Reading fraud victims – The Times, 12 December 2019

HBOS Reading victims are still suffering real hardship, says SME Alliance – The Yorkshire Post, 11 December 2019

Lloyds found to have failed customers hit by HBOS Reading branch fraudsters – CityAM, 10 December 2019 

Business victims of HBOS fraud in line for bigger pay out – Financial Times, 10 December 2019

Britain’s Lloyds Criticized for Mistreating Victims of Major Fraud – The New York Times. 10 December 2019

Lloyds Bank chief ‘very sorry’ as HBOS compensation probe uncovers failings – The Telegraph, 10 December 2019

City watchdog urged to publish HBOS findings after lender’s former boss lands top job at The Restaurant Group – This is Money, 3 May 2019

Victims of HBOS scandal win payouts review – The Times, 4 May 2019

Lloyds launches review of HBOS fraud compensation scheme – The Guardian, 3 May 2019

MPs call for inquiry into Lloyds fraud ‘cover-up’ – The Times, 8 April 2019

MPs call for investigation into Lloyds ‘cover up’ of HBOS fraud – City AM, 8 April 2019

Inquiry into Lloyds’ handling of HBOS fraud slips to 2020 – source – Reuters, 14 March 2019

Lloyds: how HBOS whistleblower exposed failings in UK regulation – Financial Times, 12 March 2019

Audit watchdog ‘whitewashed’ my HBOS evidence, says whistleblower – City AM, 7 February 2019

UK audit regulator accused of brushing off HBOS whistleblower – Financial Times, 6 February 2019

MPs call for resignation of Lloyds Bank CEO – Financial Times, 18 December 2018

MPs say Lloyds Bank must explain role in HBOS fraud – Law360, 18 December 2018

DAILY BRIEFING: MP calls for Lloyds boss Antonio Horta-Osorio to quit over Reading HBOS fraud – This is Money, 18 December 2018

FCA asked to investigate Lloyds CEO over HBOS cover up – Financial Reporter, 22 November 2018 

Lloyds CEO must explain whistleblower actions or quit: Lawmaker – Bloomberg, 22 November 2018

MP seeks probe into Lloyds CEO’s handling of fraud case – Reuters, 21 November 2018

Police Commissioner seeks scrutiny of Lloyds CEO over HBOS – Bloomberg, 16 November 2018

Lloyds pays out to whistleblower who alleged HBOS cover-up – City AM, 14 November 2018

Lloyds Banking Group pays compensation to fraud whistleblower – Insider, 14 November 2018

Humiliation for Lloyds over £1bn small firm fraud: Bank forced to compensate whistleblower over damning dossier on scandal at HBOS Reading – Daily Mail, 14 November 2018

Lloyds accused of ignoring police whistleblower request in HBOS probe – Financial Times, 26 September 2018 

MPs accuse Lloyds of ‘arrogance’ over HBOS Reading Fraud – Business Matters, 31 July 2018

MPs accuse Lloyds of treating HBOS Reading fraud victims ‘with contempt’ – City AM, 30. July 2018 

MPs claim Lloyds treated victims ‘with contempt’ – Finance, 30 July 2018

Lloyds slammed after failing to compensate victims of the HBOS Reading Scandal – This is Money, 30 July 18 

Lawmakers criticise Lloyds compensation scheme for HBOS fraud victims – Reuters, 30 July 2018 

Secret Report: HBOS fraud cover-up went to the very top – we reveal the damning claims from the dossier the bank kept under wraps for five years – Daily Mail, 13 May 2018

Report on HBOS collapse prompts scrutiny of bosses conduct – The Telegraph, 13 May 2018

Lloyds rescue unit supposed to rescue firms was out to make profit, admits executive – Daily Mail, 10 March 2018

Lloyds and the HBOS time bomb: how not to deal with fraud – Financial Times, 6 Oct 2017

Lloyds under fire over HBOS fraud compensation – BBC News, 21 July 2017

Lloyds misses HBOS scandal payouts date – The Times, 29 June 2017

Lloyds faces grilling over HBOS Reading fraud – FT Adviser, 8 February 2017

Lloyds to review compensation for victims of HBOS fraud – The Telegraph, 7 February 2017

Pay up for HBOS scam, Lloyds told – The Times, 7 February 2017

Lloyds apologises for distress caused by £245m HBOS loan scam – The Guardian, 7 February 2017

Bank launches customer review after HBOS corruption case – Sky News, 7 February 2017

MPs press Lloyds to compensate HBOS fraud victims – BBC, 6 February 2017 

MPs call for Lloyds to compensate victims of HBOS fraud scandal – International Business Times, 6 February 2017

MPs call on Lloyds to pay up compensation following HBOS Reading fraud – City AM, 6 February 2017

Lloyds banks urged by MPs to compensate customers scammed by corrupt HBOS bankers in £245m fraud – The Independent, 6 February 2017

MPs call for Lloyds bank to compensate businesses affected by HBOS crooks – The Daily Mail, 6 February 2017




The Financial Sector

Let’s give our SMEs all the help they need to expand overseas — by tackling unfair payment charges – CITYAM – 07/08/20

ClearBank and Tide apply for £60 million in grants from RBS bail out scheme – Finextra – 03/08/20

 UK Supreme Court clarifies the rule of “reflective loss” – Lexology – 28/07/20

Top UK Court Limits Reach Of Loss Principle In Marex Case – Law 360 – 15/07/20

Boomerang skyscraper dispute comes back to haunt the corporate undertakers – the Telegraph – 07/06/20

Seven big firms backed out of state aid amid peculation they did not want their names to be made public – This is Money – 6/06/20

UK Finance chief lets cat out of bag in video conference call – Financial Times – 01/05/20

UK Revives Emergency Bank Lending For Businesses – Law360 – 03/04/20

Five Lenders Withdraw From U.K. Small Business Rescue Plan – Yahoo Finance – 01/04/20

Now give up your bonuses, bankers told: Industry under fire over pay after axing £8bn of dividends – This is Money – 01/04/20

Deluge Of SMB Applications Prompts Lenders To Drop Out Of UK Stimulus Program – – 01/04/20

Banks axe dividends and bonuses – The Telegraph – 31/03/20

Bank bosses urged to slash their pay and axe dividends amid mounting fears lenders are ripping off desperate borrowers – This is Money – 27/03/20

‘It smacks of a cartel’: Yorkshire MP slams banks’ ‘disgraceful’ behaviour – The Yorkshire Post -26/03/20

Criticism mounts for ‘farcical’ RBS-funded UK banking scheme – Financial Times – 01/03/20

Banking Competition Fund attacked after Metro hands back £50million – The Telegraph – 27/02/20

Non-disclosure agreements are being abused to scare victims into silence, says Yorkshire MP – Yorkshire Post, 6 March 2019

Luke Graham: why banks must be made to pay for branch closures – Yorkshire Post, 5 November 2018 

Big banks press watchdogs to ‘level the playing field on regulation’ to P2P lenders – The Telegraph, 4 November 2018 




Mortgage Prisoners/Cerberus Capital Management


FCA’s new boss must ride into battle on behalf of mortgage prisoners and forgery victims – The Yorkshire Post – 24/06/20

MPs call for probe into alleged exploitation of mortgage prisoners by unregulated funds – The Yorkshire Post – 16/06/20

MPs call for cap on mortgage rates – The Financial Times Advisor – 15/06/20

MPs call for cap on SVRs and investigation into ‘outlier rates’ – Mortgage Solutions – 15/06/20

MPs urge FCA to cap standard variable rates – Financial Reporter – 12/06/2020

The agony of mortgage prisoners who do not know who really owns their homes – The Yorkshire Post – 20/05/2020

Lenders withdrawing from mortgage market causes concern among MPs – Mortgage Introducer  – 03/04/20

Lenders should be clear that mortgage holidays are available to those in arrears, MPs say – Mortgage Solutions – 02/04/20

Unregulated funds are threatening to repossess homes of mortgage prisoners, MPs warn. – The Yorkshire Post – 01/04/20

MPs urge unregulated lenders to halt mortgage prisoner repossessions – Financial Reporter – 10/03/20

MPs call on lenders to halt all repossessions against mortgage prisoners until help arrives – This is Money – 10/03/20

MPs meeting FCA chief to urge more action on mortgage prisoners – Mortgage Solutions – 10/02/20

Free ‘mortgage prisoners’ trapped on high rates, MPs tell City watchdog – Telegraph – 09/02/20

The sale of mortgages to ‘vulture funds’ must be made illegal, say campaigners – The Yorkshire Post – 04/02/20

Sack John Glen now, demand bank victims – The Times – 30/01/20

Why the Government must smack down the lenders who fail to free the mortgage prisoners – Greg Wright – The Yorkshire Post – 29/01/20

Government must stop banks from selling loan books to vulture funds, says influential group of MPs – The Yorkshire Post – 23/01/20

Sainsbury’s Bank urged to move borrowers to a regulated lender after pulling out of mortgage market – This is Money – 18/01/20

Mortgage prisoners: 100,000 households were left high and dry by and Northern Rock and rivals crashing and 12 years on they’re STILL stuck on crippling rates – This Is Money, 3 September 2019

Treasury expects FCA to implement mortgage prisoner affordability reforms ‘rapidly’ – Mortgage Solutions, 7 June 2019

MPs pressure FCA over mortgage prisoners and vulture funds – Financial Reporter, 6 June 2019

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