APPG on Fairer Business Banking Statement Updates

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Who has the controlling hand: the banks or the regulator? - 16 September 2017

The APPG is disappointed with the latest refusal by the FCA to release the S166 report, and urges the TSC to use its powers to force disclosure. Lord Cromwell, co-chair of the APPG commented: “We will have to see what the FCA summary includes, but for many people questions will inevitably remain as to what has been kept secret and why, whether the FCA has meaningful powers in SME banking matters – and if not, why not, and who has the whip hand – the regulator or the banks? The public and thousands of businesses affected remain in limbo while
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Access to Justice for Businesses in the UK - 14 September 2017

The APPG on Fair Business Banking has for years been leading the call for an independent, quasi-judicial dispute resolution system between businesses and banks. Businesses have been forced to bear the brunt of the banks’ capital raising efforts. And this is not just the destruction of businesses: it is families, jobs, supply chains all devastated. It is unacceptable that we have a system that allows entrepreneurs—and the people who depend on them for employment— to be treated with contempt and denied any real prospects of defending themselves against the financial firepower of a multinational organisation with limitless resource. “Presently the
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Redress The Imbalance Of Power

Our All Party Group (APPG) on Fair Business Banking is driven primarily by the needs of businesses in our constituencies. It is an excellent example of how, despite what can often be ‘lively’ exchanges across the benches in the Chamber, parliamentarians from across the political spectrum can come together to make a difference in driving change for our constituents.
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